Thursday, July 8, 2010

Breakfast Quickie - Fresh Berries and Homemade Yogurt

This was so pretty this morning I had to post it. Our neighbor (who is awesome, by the way) just started making his own yogurt using a yogurt-maker. He offered to give me some last night and I wouldn't turn it down. I've recently become very interested in making yogurt and cheese from scratch. In fact, I think I'll try to make some mozzarella next week...keep posted!

The yogurt is very good - it's a little on the thin side, but it was his first foray into yogurt making so that's to be forgiven. Next time, he said he's going to try to keep it in the yogurt maker for 10 hours instead of 7 in the hopes that it will thicken up a bit. Besides the consistency, the yogurt is great. It tastes just like store-bought plain yogurt, but just a little better because you know it's homemade. This morning I topped it with the fresh berries we got from Kruger's farm on Saturday - strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I had hoped to put a little granola in there, but the granola we had on hand had gone bad. No matter, it was a fresh, delicious and beautiful little breakfast.

Bon appetit!

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