Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saturday Dinner - Salmon

Trey and I are VERY into salmon this year.

I've eaten a lot of salmon in my life, I guess growing up the Northwest that shouldn't come as a surprise. My Dad used to get fresh, line-caught springers from our neighbors growing up and that has always set the standard for the fish for me. In college, broke but still craving salmon, we'd buy the farm-raised stuff from the fish counter at Ralph's in San Diego. One of these times I remember the fish was just so FISHY. Not at all what I remembered from the salmon our neighbors used to catch.

I haven't bought farm-raised salmon since. There is a huge difference between farm-raised and wild salmon in not only the taste, but the texture and color. The best fish you can eat is one you've caught yourself, however, Trey has spent hours with his line in the river this year, and so far, we've caught nothing. We've been getting ours from Zupans on Belmont - it's pricey but SO worth it.

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